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Handyman Services VS. Home Improvement Chains – How to Choose

Older Americans understand the concept of home repair better than the newer generations. Somehow, somewhere, we’ve lost out handyman ability due to some unknown reasons. Many assume that our busy lifestyles contributed to the decline of our home repair skills. I can’t say that I disagree with that. Over the years, our lifestyles have become so cramped with activity that home repair skill is basically non-existent to the younger generations. For your average Americans, they would rather focus on work and other activities than learn how to do even simple handyman work. That is somehow understandable given the hectic schedule of modern work. The weekdays are spent working and the weekends are usually spent doing fun activities. Only a small part of the work force would want to spend their weekend working on some home repairs.


Having said all that, home repair stations have now become popular in America. It is evident by the home improvement chains popping up everywhere. If you check the stats, the numbers of trade and labor workers are fast declining which makes them more in-demand given the lack of home repair skills of your average homeowners.


The need for handyman services


Because of the lack of handyman skills of most homeowners, the demand for skilled labor workers is great. If you are just like your average homeowner, you would probably just call the local handyman service and let them do the work. If you want to do the repairs yourself, by all means, do it. It is actually a skill worth learning and it would come in handy (no pun intended) in times of need. Most type of home problems almost always happen during inopportune times which makes some knowledge of basic home repair valuable.


Hiring Local Handymen


One question you need to ask yourself when hiring local handymen is this – are they better compared to bigger handyman chain companies?


The answer is quite convoluted but to put it simply, yes, they are somewhat better. However, you need to know some important things before you make the decision of sticking to your local handyman or not. Compared to home repair chains, local handymen are more familiar with the troubles inside the homes of their customers. They are also much more flexible in terms of payment. You can haggle with them fairly easily. If they know you, they would probably give you a big discount.


Comparing local handymen to home repair chains


Home improvement chains mostly have certain packages that you can choose from. They offer absolutely no wiggle room in terms of payment (also depends on the chain). In terms of customer service, bigger companies are somehow a lot worse than smaller ones. Maybe it’s because they are managing more people but the main thing here is their main priority is profits. Once a handyman company goes national, their main focus becomes their bottomline, usually hurting their customer service in the process.


Another thing that you may notice is home improvement chains usually have a template in hand. Their workers, for the most part, are only trained for certain amount of time, probably just months, before they start working professionally. If you are particular about workmanship, you should definitely check out the quality of work of your home improvement chain.


Handyman Services For Home Repair and Maintenance

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Maintaining the good condition of your house will take a lot of time and skill. It’s hard to find the time to get all the repairs done because of how busy our lives are. Most of us lead a very hectic lifestyle and it’s only fair to want to enjoy the weekend with a rest. Most homeowners wouldn’t want to spend their weekend fixing and repairing their house. This is why the handyman business sector is becoming a strong industry. The younger generation aren’t that familiar with fixing things so a handyman company is needed whenever they need to get something fixed.

A qualified pro will make quick work of any problem or issue inside your house. They’ve seen the most common problems and can easily identify solutions to them. They can also identify potential problems and offer solutions to problems before they even happen. This is one of the many benefits of hiring professionals to do repairs inside your house.

Can you do the repairs yourself?

If you want to, you can do the repairs yourself. All you need is the time and the right tools for the job. Just like any job, you need to learn the basic repairs first before you can start the repairs. You need to know how to work the equipment and tools to effectively make a repair.

Many homeowners don’t have the time to learn any repair fix which means that their only choice would be hire professionals for the job. Some homeowners have the time though but they lack the right equipment for the job. Some repairs require specific equipment and tools which can cost a little bit extra considering that you need to buy these parts before starting the repairs.

Basically, you can do the job yourself only if you have the patience, basic knowledge, and right tools for the job. If you don’t have any of those things, you should be prepared to learn them when making the repairs. Nonetheless, it is quite a useful skill to have so it’s better to know a few things about home repairs.

Benefits of handyman service

Whatever repair or maintenance you need inside your house, a handyman company can surely help you out. As I’ve said before, they have seen many problems and are familiar with the solutions. What would take you several hours of repair work, they can do in half the time. If you value your time, hiring a handyman professional to do the job is definitely worth it.

Hiring a Professional Handyman – When to Ask For Their Help

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Hiring someone to repair a home issues don’t need to be a hassle. Whenever you call a professional for a home repair, you should expect him to arrive as soon as possible. Some home repairs are crucial to a home that a quick fix is needed. If you don’t know how to do a quick or temporary fix yourself, you’re going to need the help of a handyman. A professional handyman should be able to fix most common household problems. However, the problem with most professional handymen is their availability.

It is important to understand that hiring a handyman is mostly done for general maintenance projects and quick home repair. For full blown renovations, you will need the services of more than a handyman. For instance, if you want a kitchen renovation, you should call the services of home remodeling companies. In case of a small leak repair on your faucet, that is the time to get a handyman service.

When Do You Need a Handyman?

The answer is quite tricky. There are many homeowners, especially older people, who know their way around home repairs. Most of them have their own tools inside their garage. These type of homeowners are more than willing to fix their own home issues if they have the time. Unfortunately, these types of homeowners are diminishing quickly. It seems like only the older generations still practice do-it-yourself fixing inside their home.

For majority of homeowners, owning a handyman contact is crucial. Most homeowners, especially newer ones, don’t know even basic home repairs. The new generation of homeowners don’t practice basic repairs inside their homes. Instead, their time is used mostly for leisure and other activities. The newer generation seems to focus more on work and pleasure compared to their older counterpart. Because of this new way of life, home repair and maintenance are often ignored. You can blame their busy lifestyle they lead for their lack of home repair skills.

New Generation Homeowners

As I’ve said above, younger homeowners don’t know their way around home repairs. Most of them don’t even bother to try fix simple home issues. Instead, most of them resort to calling a professional for even a tiny bit of repair. For handyman companies, this is great news. However, for older folks, this is a disgrace. If you talk to baby boomers, especially the men, you will get the impression that they will not think that you’re man enough if you don’t do basic home repairs. It’s an old view on things but it’s understandable considering their old upbringing.

Additionally, because of the advent of the internet, most homeowners can easily contact someone they need. If they need a door repairman, a quick search on Google would get them just that. A window replacement perhaps? – a quick conversation with Siri and they’ll get it. Heck, most of our needs can be accessed through the internet. It’s no wonder why so many homeowners find home repair skills a useless skill to have.

The Takeaway

For the older generation, hiring a handyman is not that usual. This is because most of them know basic home repairs. For younger homeowners however, the opposite is true. Younger homeowners are too busy with their work and other miscellaneous activity that they would gladly hire a handyman to fix even the simplest of jobs. Whatever the case is, if hiring a handyman can help a homeowner fix a problem, that is all that matters.

Benefits of Handyman Furniture Assembly Services

handymanBecause of how busy our life is today, we certainly can’t fix or assemble all things that we want. There’s so many things to do that we fail to account it using our time and in the end, we just don’t have the time for it. This is obviously a big problem if you want to get something done like furniture assembly or appliance repair for your home. You need to invest a chunk of your already task-ridden time to assemble a furniture that you want on your home. Of course, you don’t have to do it on your working day but during the weekends. However, that becomes quite troublesome too because you simply want to relax on the weekends. Your only alternative to this is to hire someone to do the assembly for you. That would allow you to relax and still have the peace of mind since a professional will be doing it for you.

Another option is to buy an already assembled furniture. However, this can cost you quite a lot because manufacturers are paying for storage fees, and since assembled furniture require big spaces, they will past this fee to the customers. What it does is it inflates the price of the furniture. Instead, your best option would be to buy an unassembled furniture and have someone build it for you. This is where handyman services come in handy (no pun intended). They would make your life easier by assembling the furniture for you. They can do this in your home to avoid any transportation obstacles.

You can also have the handyman order the furniture for you then build it inside your home when it arrives. This would cut your effort to basically just clicking the payment form. It would be a great convenience for you especially if you want to do something else with your time. Furniture assembly can take a chunk of your day especially if it is only your first time doing it. Granted, the instructions are easy enough but it can still require at least several hours of your time. When you run into a problem, that several hours can be extended to half your day. Just do away with all the hassle and leave it to the pros. They’ve been assembling things for as long as they can remember. They would make a 30-minute assembly out of your furniture with room to spare. Compare that to spending your entire day assembling a furniture, I’d say that’s a fair trade. There are times where you just want to relax and enjoy the day without doing a thing.

What’s more is you can ask them to identify repairs inside your home. They are knowledgeable in home repairs and you can use that opportunity to seek advice from professionals (click here). You never know, you may have a problem on your foundation and they can help you with it.